About LeoLinker

LeoLinker is a tool that adds links from LeoGlossary to your InLeo blog posts. It works by finding words in your post that are also in the LeoLinker database. When it finds one of these words, LeoLinker replaces the word with a link to a LeoGlossary page.

For example, if your blog post contains the word "student", LeoLinker will replace it with a link to the page for the word "student" in LeoGlossary.

If you are helping out with LeoGlossary, or are just an InLeo user who wants to add LeoGlossary links to your blog posts, feel free to use LeoLinker.

LeoLinker is NOT Perfect

LeoLinker does not use AI and does not understand the context of your post. It simply looks for words in your post that are also in LeoGlossary. This means that after using LeoLinker to insert links, you HAVE TO go back through your post and check to see if those links are relevant.

For example, if LeoLinker adds a link to the word "fast", and the page that is linked to is about fasting, in the sense of not eating for a certain period of time for health or religious reasons, but the meaning of "fast" in your post is the more commonly used meaning of "high speed", then the link is not really relevant and should be removed. Perhaps at some point in the future I can add AI to LeoLinker to improve upon this, but for now you have to pay attention to your content and use some common sense.

Also keep in mind that LeoLinker is a work in progress created by one middle-aged guy who doesn't work very fast. But never forget the old story of the tortoise and the hare. If you find any bugs or have any issues or questions, please let me know.

How To Use LeoLinker for Individual Posts

Enter the text of your post into the Post Editor. You can do this by copying & pasting it in or typing directly into the text box. The text will then be displayed with the links inserted in the preview box on the right. Then just click the copy button in the upper-left corner of the preview box to copy the text with the links to your clipboard, and then paste it back into whichever text editor you are using.

Non-Linking Terms

You can also specify words in your post that you don't want linked. To do this, click on the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the post editor. Then click in the text input field and type in a word you want to exclude from the link process, then hit enter. Add as many words as you want this way, then click the refresh button. This will save the words locally to your device, so be aware that if you clear your browser's data, all of the words you added will be deleted and you will have to add them again.

Adding Links to Multiple Files

If you're working on a bunch of posts and want to add LeoGlossary links to all of them at once, you can use the Bulk Upload tool. Just click on the "Choose" button to select your markdown files, then click the "Upload" button to upload them to LeoLinker. After a few seconds to a minute or so, depending on how many files you upload, your linked files will be ready to download in ZIP format.

Future Plans

I plan to add more features to LeoLinker in the future. If you have any suggestions or want to contribute to the project, feel free to contact me on Discord.


Non-linking Terms

If you have trouble adding non-linking terms, it may be because your browser is blocking cookies, which are needed to store your non-linking terms locally. Try changing your settings to allow cookies for LeoLinker.site.